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Ernest McGown

November 7, 1894 - 1995

Ernest McGown was born November 7, 1894 or perhaps September 22, 1895 according to his World War 1 draft forms. He was the fourth child of Thomas and Ida McGown.

Ernest served in World War 1.

He married Evelyn (???) after 1921.

Ernest died in 1995 at 100 years of age. Evelyn died in 1997.

Family Roots


Self Ernest McGown
Wife: Evelyn McGown

Parent's Family:

Father: Thomas Jr. McGown
Mother: Ida Little
Sibling: Ellen McGown
Sibling: Maggie McGown
Sibling: Henrietta McGown
Self Ernest McGown
Sibling: Harry McGown
Sibling: Ida Maude McGown