The Badger Family

The Badger clan.

The Beswick Family

The Beswick clan:

The Blanchard Family

The Blanchard clan.

The Burke Family

The Burke clan.

The Clark Family Tree

James Clark and Jane Vance lived in Hinchenbrook, Quebec, Canada in 1840 after immigrating from Ireland.

The Detlor Family

The Detlor clan.

The File Family

The File clan.

The Hay Family

The Hay clan.

The James Family

The James clan:

The Jenckes Family

The Jenckes clan.

The Jones Family

The Jones clan.

The Linton Family Tree

The Linton family is currently six generations deep in Canada from the immigration of Frederick Charles Linton in 1907 from Bristol, England.

The Little Family

The Little clan:

The MacPherson Family

The MacPherson clan:

The Mahoney Family

The Mahoney clan:

The McGown Family

The McGown clan:

The Milne Family

The Milne clan:

The Morrison Family

The Morrison clan:

The Olsen Family

The Olsen clan:

The Patterson Family

The Patterson clan:

The Sills Family

The Sills clan:

The West Family

The West family is not the shortest family that I trace on this site, but it is pretty close. I think it is the last family to call Canada home, arriving in 1912.

The Williams Family

The Williams clan:

The Wimhurst Family Tree

John Charles Wimhurst and Ada Rose Matthews immigrated to Canada in 1907.