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Vance White

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Senior Public Affairs Officer for Canada's Task Force Kandahar

Task Force Kandahar Commander's Commendation Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson, Commander Task Force Kandahar
January 2009 Major Vance White has been awarded a commendation by the Commander of Joint Task Force (Afghanistan) for his selfless actions on 17 November 2008 at the Dand District Center, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. In the company of a patrol, Major White's duties on that day were to accompany a civilian journalist. At approximately 11:30 am, a suicide bomber detonated himself just inside the gate of the District Centre, causing multiple deaths and extensive damage. The Canadian patrol was tasked with information gathering in order to exploit the blast scene. When the patrol commander canvassed for a camera, Major White immediately spoke up and volunteered his services. He took numerous photographs of a particularly gruesome post-blast scene and assisted with the sweep for materials that could have been part of the device the suicide bomber wore. Major White's versatility, sense of teamwork and his extensive photographs negated the need for a follow-on patrol to the location, reducing the risk to our soldiers.

Family Roots

Parent's Family:

Father: Jim White
Mother: Carol Smith
Sibling: Rob White
Sibling: Ian White
Self Vance White




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