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Thomas Clark

June 4, 1841 - April 30, 1920

Thomas Clark was the second son, third child of James and Jane Clark. He might have been the first of the Clark family born in Canada (see Oliver Stewart Clark for discussion of his birth). He lived with his family in Hinchenbrook until 1862 when he immigrated to the United States. Given the time of history, and that his father was a military man, it is quite possible that he fought in the American Civil War.

On October 9, 1873, Thomas married Jane Ann Elford in Winona County, Minnesota. Both were listed as residents of Winona County at the time, but by 1880 there were living in Cascade, Olmstead County with four of their five children already born, the youngest two being twins. The 1885 census has the family of seven living in Rochester, Minnesota.

Thomas Clark badly burnt

Thomas worked for many years as a janitor for the A.O.U.W. On January 1, 1890, he badly injured one hand putting out a gasoline fire although he successfully extinguished the flames.

Jane Clark died

Thomas wife Jane died from the grip on December 22, 1893 leaving him with four teenagers and a ten year old. She was buried in Oakwood cemetery in Rochester. Her probate notice was advertised in the papers in January and February of 1894.

In 1896 Thomas sent his younger children to live with his eldest, Jennie Gates. In June 1901, he stopped to visit in Minnesota as he was travelling from his home in New York to Montana. On January 10, 1905 Thomas married a California widow by the name of Marion Myers, in New Westminster, British Columbia. He was recorded as living in Seattle, Washington working as a 'moulder'. She was listed as living in Sacramento, California. Their planned residence after marriage was Seattle.

By 1908, they were living in Hamilton City in Glenn County, California. Thomas worked as labourer at the local sugar factory. Later he was a beekeeper.

A series of tragedies then struck the family. Marian died December 30, 1919. In February 1920, Thomas suffered a stroke that left him with some paralysis. His brother John and wife Matilda came from Colorado to assist him. John contracted influenza and died on April 27. Thomas died three days later.

Thomas Clark estate

Matilda and Jennie Clark are two of the heirs listed on the probate notice for Thomas. Presumably the other four heirs that are not located are Thomas's other children.

Family Roots


Self Thomas Clark
Wife: Jane Ann Elford
Child: Jenny Clark
Child: Edith M. Clark
Child: Tillie Elford Clark
Child: James T Clark
Child: Albert Edward Clark


Self Thomas Clark
Wife: Marion Myers

Parent's Family:

Father: James Clark
Mother: Jane Vance
Sibling: Hannah Clark
Sibling: Oliver Stewart Clark
Self Thomas Clark
Sibling: Mary Jane Clark
Sibling: Elizabeth Clark
Sibling: John Clark
Sibling: Matilda Clark
Sibling: Margaret Clark
Sibling: Sarah Anne Clark
Sibling: Samuel Clark
Sibling: Mary Clark