This page lists those people with a particular surname in the family tree.

Barbara Ager

Ethel Blackburn

Mary A. Burke

Alma Coutts Detlor

Jean Grant

Ruby Grant

Julia Minerva Hansman

Barbara Hughes

Isabelle MacLeod

Barbara MacPherson

Bernie MacPherson

Betty Anne MacPherson

Bonnie MacPherson

Brent MacPherson

Brian MacPherson

Bruce MacPherson

Debbie MacPherson

Detlor MacPherson

Duncan MacPherson

Ethel Eva MacPherson

Ethel Mae MacPherson

Ewen MacPherson

Heather MacPherson

Helen Violet MacPherson

Ian MacPherson

Jaye MacPherson

Jean MacPherson

Jim MacPherson

John Donald MacPherson

Joseph MacPherson

JP MacPherson

Kerrie MacPherson

Randolph MacPherson

RT MacPherson

Uarda MacPherson

Lizzie Patterson