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Matilda Clark

May 24, 1851 - November 23, 1935

Tillie ClarkTillie Clark

Matilda "Tillie" Clark and her twin sister Maggie were born on May 24, 1851 in Hinchenbrook, Quebec to James and Jane Clark. They grew up in the area, but moved to South Pontiac, Quebec between 1861 and 1871.

In 1871, they were both on the census twice: once at home, and once where they worked for a medical doctor.

On June 12, 1875, Tillie married William Harrington in Cheboygan, Michigan. They lived in Inverness, Michigan for awhile, then settled in East Jordan, Charlevoix County. William and Tillie had six children though they both outlived two of them.

In 1908, their son William died from acute bowel obstruction while he was working in Washington State. Another son, Russell, died in 1929 from a complication of diseases.

In 1915 a fire destroyed their house , though they were able to save most of contents in the lower rooms.

Visiting Moose Jaw

William and Tillie were constantly hosting visiting family members, or travelling to visit others.

William died on November 6, 1932 in East Jordan at the age of 86. Tillie died three years later, on November 23. She was 83 years old. Both are buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery in East Jordan.

Family Roots


Husband: William Harrington
Self Matilda Clark
Child: Nellie Harrington
Child: Ethel Pearl Harrington
Child: William V Harrington
Child: Margaret Harrington
Child: Blaine Wood Harrington
Child: Russell Harrington

Parent's Family:

Father: James Clark
Mother: Jane Vance
Sibling: Hannah Clark
Sibling: Oliver Stewart Clark
Sibling: Thomas Clark
Sibling: Mary Jane Clark
Sibling: Elizabeth Clark
Sibling: John Clark
Self Matilda Clark
Sibling: Margaret Clark
Sibling: Sarah Anne Clark
Sibling: Samuel Clark
Sibling: Mary Clark