Alma Detlor

1890-12-8 to 1987-8-7
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Alma Coutts Detlor was the third born child of Darius Williams Detlor and Mary Evangeline "Eva" Jones. She was born December 8, 1890 in Tamworth, Ontario. She grew up in Sheffield Township and became a public school teacher by 1911.

Alma taught school in Sharbot Lake in 1911. Her salary was $280 with an average attendance of 4 students. In 1912 her salary was raised to $300 with an average attendance of 5 students. The Secretary of the Board for Olden Township school #8 was Joseph MacPherson who's 12 year old daughter Ethel Mae was likely one of the students.

On April 3, 1912 Alma married Joseph's younger son RT MacPherson in Harrowsmith, Ontario. Like his father, RT was a farmer.

Soon afterward, RT and Alma moved to Northern Ontario. By 1921, they had two children, Detlor and Uarda. On June 28, 1927 Alma became a widow when RT died from Lobar Pneumonia at the age of 38.

Alma remarried in 1944 to Milton Irvine, a local business man. That was the same year her daughter Uarda married John Linton.

Milton also predeceased Alma. She died on August 7, 1987 in Englehart, Ontario. She was 96 years old.

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